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Deathly Hollows pt 2. -3/5

While I enjoyed it overall there where a few moments that took away from the mood, a few sort of 'silly' faces added to scenes that where suppose to be serious for what I imagine was avoiding making the film as dark as the book was. Many of the deaths where not focused on camera, [spoilers]save for what looked like Ron's ditzy girlfriend from the Half-Blood Prince being murdered (shown as dead) by what I imagine was Grayback. [/spoilers]

Some pretty vital scenes where condensed into a barely recognizable blur, fans of the book will likely talk about Snape's memory scenes as being grossly condensed and I imagine someone who hasn't read the books won't really gather it to it's fullest extent.

I was quite excited for this, and I felt a bit disappointed. Almost as if I fell asleep and woke up half way in.
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