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List Of Upcoming Canadian Conventions

This thread is a list of upcoming conventions in Canada in one handy place! This list follows all genres of cons (sci-fi, anime, comic, etc) so long as they are costume friendly. Because hey, this is We're all about the cosplay! If there is anything missing please just give me the convention's website and a discussion thread and I will have it added to the list.

For a list of upcoming casual cosplay events see here:

Conventions are listed in order by date and separated by province (which is listed in ordered of west to east)

LAST UPDATE: December 23, 2012


I'm very sorry for the lack of upkeep on this list this year. Over the next week I will try to compile the list again. In the meantime, if you have an event you want to share simply reply to the thread!

Anime North 2013
- Fionna (Adventure Time)
- GT Jade (Homestuck)

Con/Event Photos / CosplayLab / DeviantArt / Tumblr

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