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Originally Posted by Cat-Chans View Post
A) Is there a Tandy Leather near you? They carry a leather paint. It's not as good as Angelus but it works. If not the only other option would be to find an online store with express shipping

B) I've seen floral paint work for shoes but anything else will crack because the shoes will bend.

C) Fabric covers are fairly easy, but I wouldn't use a felt. A stretch fabric will be much easier to work with, a matte spandex or a knit is probably your best bet for an easy time. You can construct them out of a non stretch but it gets much trickier.
I used vinyl paint for my Madoka shoes and they held up fairly well with a few minor scuffs. Most people couldn't tell I painted them unless I told them I did. They need a new coat, but they've held up for 5-6 wears and they took quite a beating.
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