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Originally Posted by Suiseiseki0284 View Post
:/ I do have a Tandy's in my city, but it's a good 8 miles/21 minutes which is... well far too far for me to comfortably ask for a ride. That and looking at their website, they sell leather STAIN, not paint.. so I'm not even sure if it would show up on black leather boots..

Mn.. could you explain how felt would be hard to work with.. :/ I don't think there are any fabric stores near me..
It's not the stain, it's the Cova Color. Here is a link from their online store:

It won't cover as well as Angelus but it does work if you don't have access to Angelus. It took me about 4 coats of the gold to cover my boots.

Felt just won't have any give and it also pills fairly badly over time. You might be able to try a thrift store or even a cheap department store and try to find some t-shirts in the right color. A large size should give you enough fabric to cover two shoes.
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