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UC cosplay is sporadic no matter where you go. ;______; And I think Quess is a bit like Relena as far as female Gundam characters go. The first time you see them, it's like, 'WTF is wrong with you?!?' It's only the second or third time watching them in action can you understand their characters. While neither is my favorite female, I don't really hate them anymore. Quess still makes me WTF, but I blame that on Tomino. ALL the Quess hate it Tomino's fault. It's like he only sets women up to cause conflict then die.

My friend ShibaAyame did a really awesome Lady Une, and I made another friend a Sayla Mass costume. Not to mention pretty much everyone who showed up @ the Otakon Gundam shoots were wonderful people.

Sadly, I haven't been to AWA in so many years because there is only a month between in and Otakon. If my foray into the Artist's Alley at Katsucon goes well, maybe I can consider going to AWA in 2012.
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