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Name of Merchant: Wig Fashion
Item purchased (please include quantity): One short blue wig
Links to picture(s) of your received item: later
Timeline: Got it in two weeks.
Pros: Nice quality, soft. And if I've seen right, has a few purple-ish fibres mixed into it for a nice blend(though they didn't say anything about this). Plus, they give you a free wig cap, a good one too! Okay packaging. Affordable and nice price.
Cons: Might just be my screen, but color was slightly off from picture(a few slight shades darker). Not by much, but if you're very particular with getting the exact color, you might want to be careful with them. Also, wig is somewhat shiny(but far from horribly glaring badwig-shiny. Just... slightly.)
Additionally, the top is... weird. And frizzy-ish. Though, it's not really visible unless seen from above and inspected closely/touched(and I wore a hat anyway)
Final Grade: B. Though cosplaywig has slightly better quality(in my experience) and better-looking wigs, wigfashion aren't bad either(plus, they're cheaper). I might try them again.
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