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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
You can't really mix spray paint since it's in a can. What I recommended I do 2 layers in white to prime the surface an bring I closer to neutral, then do Aspen Yellow or Gold Lumina.

Here's the metalic line.

Because the colour is translucent you might like what shade the yellow turns on the brown after 3 layers.

Also one of the 4 Ounce Bottles of Angelus Paints for $5 should be enough to cover all your gold bits.
XD that's what I meant by "mixing them" using one coat on top of another.

:/ But that said... I went ahead and ordered the Angelus since the Buttercup LOOKS like the color I need. Sigh deglazer+paint+shipping was $15 not sure how much the spraypaint would have been.

here's to hoping it works...
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