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Oh lord yes. And now we have to put up with ARE YOU FROM HETALIA?!?! My best friend cosplayed Bernie Wiseman from 0080 and some Hetalia fangirls called him an "unsexy Amercia" behind his back. I'm worried that I'll get like... glomped or groped or whatever else unpleseant they do when I cosplay uniform!Ghinius because it looks enough like one of the outfits Prussia has to get mistaken. Even though there are some pretty big differences, if some fangirl is just acting on what she sees out the corner of her eye...

Relena got off to an awkward start but got better in the end, and has the misfortune of getting in the way of a horrendously popular yaoi 'ship. That's why she's so hated I think. My friend cosplayed her and got harassed out of a Gundam Wing meet/shoot for it a few years ago :/

And Quess is just a realistic, non-sugar coated portrayal of a 13 year-old girl from a dysfunctional family who, being naive and idealistic, fell right into the trap of an older man who wanted to use her. I think her purpose in the movie is to show how low Char is willing to go, and how corrupt he's become that he'd use a kid like that.

I relate to her on a very personal level too (which is why I like her), so the nastier bashing she gets I'm not at all crazy for :/

ANYWAY, I want to go to Otakon one of these years. Especially since it was on my birthday this year and kewjrnvrog!11!1 tons of Gundam shit ;A; If Kawamoto comes back I'd sell my soul to go :|
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