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Originally Posted by Eliza
This is going to sound crazy (and I've poked around and not found the answer to this question, so I'm sorry if it's one of those questions that's been asked half a million times ^^; ), but if I, for example, wanted to crossplay in a costume without a shirt, is there a good way to tape/cover one's bare chest? While I realize it's probably going to look a little weird and fake, there must be a better way than to have an obvious wrap of bandages around my torso...

And if that doesn't work, I'm doing the backup plan--it's a Doujinshi version of the outfit, but he's wearing an open jacket over.

any suggestions are appreciated ^^ (I know that must sound so strange)
I have a working solution for an open-front costume ("guaranteed" for B-cup or less) which is the very first thing I addressed when I created this thread (there's a TMI of nitty-gritty details on a later page too), but as for cosplaying a totally topless guy, I'm rather at a loss. Sports tape works wonders for a bare front look, but you need to be wearing at least a vest for that method.

I honestly don't know how you'd do a guy with no top at all, and not have some sort of binding, or coverage of binding, showing. I could possibly imagine latex in some sort of back & front arrangement to cover binding (a major pro job), or a well-painted bodysuit over binding (easier to do - and I've seen that sort of thing - a friend of mine once costumed as a male stone gargoyle; it was incredible. You'd never know she was a women.)

However, it will also draw some pretty major stares if you are recognizable as a girl (my friend had a mask) and have visible nipples, even if they are fake. (Wonder if hotel security would pitch fits?) Also, wearing at least a vest allows you to be creative with the designing the top to make more of a wider-shoulders narrower-waist "guy look". Me, I'd go with the "backup plan" - but of course your mileage may vary. ~_^
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