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I see you found your way to the forums. lol Nice

Anyways, yea, all the Depp/Sweeney cosplayers seem to be so far away from me. Its actually really upsetting. If you do ever make it out to the NY area, let me know! We should gather more Depp people. I am actually surprised that there aren't many around the Eastern part of the US.
But yea, you will make an awesome Depp! Is that what is in your icon? If it is, it looks just like him, Ooohhhhh I'm so jealous.

Thanks a lot! Makes me very happy, especially since your an amazing Sweeney yourself. In my opinion, definitely 10x better than me. You actually pull off his character so well. Grrrrr... I wish I could do that. I want to be a tall caucasian male please!!!! lol

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