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This is the second of the items I recieved in a 2-Post Order. I posted separately because of the sheer difference in quality between the two items.
Name of Merchant- Cos play Fu
Website- www.cosplay[dot]
Item purchased (please include quantity)- Stocking Katana from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt x1
Links to picture(s) of your received item-
What I ordered-
What I recieved-
Timeline (how long your order took to process)- I placed my order on 19/08/2011. Between 20/08/2011 and 22/08/2011 I was corresponding with the seller, then on 01/09/2011, I was informed my item had been dispatched. On 06/09/2011, my item arrived.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. - I loved the way the item looked in the photos, and since I was ordering another item at the time, I thought 'sure, why not!' and ordered myself one. It cost 27.93, which I thought was fairly reasonable for a prop of such a size since it looked so nice in the photos. On 20/08, I recieved a message from the seller telling me that this prop was made out of metal, and would I still want it. I replied saying yes, since for the price I paid that's even better, and on 22/08 she replied once more to say that is fine and she will process my order. I played the waiting game, and my order arrived on 06/09. It was pretty poorly packed and surprisingly light, in a long cardboard box. When I opened it I was very shocked to find a very cheap and flimsy prop which looked nothing like what I ordered. It was wrapped in bubblewrap, but had still been damaged in transit and was now bent. It looks to be made of cardboard, with a thin metal sheet coating. Rather than a painted design, the blade has been left silver and the blue stripes had been applied with blue tape. The handle was way too long, and felt like it was hollow. It again is covered in white tape, with the pattern in blue tape- but even that is the wrong pattern! After recieving several full costumes from them of good quality, I was so shocked to see something of such a low standard.
Final Grade: D-. The only good points were the fast shipping and the good correspondence.
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