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Darker Than Black - Hei's Outfit

Hiya, new member to this forum, 4 month lurker though! Hope this is OK here, or is it meant to be in the Anime forum?

I am thinking about doing a Hei cosplay, it doesn't seem to matter what sort of face you have since the mask is there, and I'm attracted by the idea I could potentially use the attire (or at least the jacket/coat) as normal everyday wear after I'm done. I already have gloves, have no issues with hair...Have a friend who is into masks making the mask... but am abit torn between the outfits I've found online.

Some of the ones I've found in my search (This particular style seems to be in all the top results actually...): - $123 - $79 (+$10) (cheapest I've found, all reviews of costume favourable)

Both the above look pretty decent and fairly faithful to the original...Not too keen on the navy even if it shows in the official image there (I see in the anime it is black....). I think the black would look great when the coat is mostly done up but seems to clash more with the green than I remember in the anime.

Of course like many others who have seen it, I am fond of:

The coat seems entirely black...But it does employ the "best look" sort of angle. Also I have no idea whether it was custom made or not.

Also...While I'm at it...Any suggestions for Hei's Daggers? Most places I've seen have been offering them as only 1...But ideally would love to get 2... I thought this guy:
did an amazing job...But obviously they are custom-made...Think Weta would do weapons like those...?I guess they would be pretty expensive!

I'm sure lots of people have the same attraction to a Hei cosplay as me and have alot of experiences so I'd love to hear about them!
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