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Originally Posted by Bulletearsfall View Post
What color would any of you describe this? Where could I purchase dye? Would this work? I know these sound like pretty simple questions, but I'm still relatively new to this.
It looks like a fairly vivid sky blue in the picture you linked -- somewhere between sky blue and peacock blue.

The problem you run into with trying to dye the fleece you linked is that it's 100% polyester, which is kind of a crapshoot when it comes to dyeing. Sometimes you can get great results, but pure synthetics don't like to take the kinds of dyes we can buy. If there's any kind of surface treatment, that'll screw up the dyeing even more, and with outerwear that's more likely.

You could theoretically try to dye it with something like iDye Poly, but even that's got an element of crossing your fingers and hoping the polyester cooperates -- plus requires more finessing of the dye with the limited colour range.
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