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We all wear a mask..
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I will definitely keep you posted if I ever have plans to get back out to the east coast. *crosses fingers*

And yes, the icon I currently have up is my Depp cosplay in progress. I still am still working on piecing it together. Not sure exactly what outfit/costume I want to use for it.. I was thinking maybe one of his recognizable premiere outfits. I just got the glasses in today. Although they are perfect style and near identical to the moscot lemtosh ones he wears, they are a bit too big for my face. I need to get a smaller size. I am trying to find ones at a reasonable price. Ones I just got are $12. Sadly, although a lot of the replica glasses -- ones that look like the moscot lemtosh but aren't the moscot lemtosh -- look perfect, almost all of them are too large. I may have to save up and just cave and get the real deal. We will see though :P

Thank you again for you compliments -- they mean a lot! And actually, Depp isn't really that tall. I think he is about 5'7"?? I'm not all that tall either :P lol


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