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Yes definitely let me know when/if you come back out to the eastern part of the US. meeting up with another Sweeney/Depp cosplayer is always fun.

You found good glasses for your cosplay for only $12? That's really good. But yea, I think you should do one of Depp's premiere outfits, otherwise it might just look like you dress like that everyday, although that isn't bad either, lol
If you plan on cosplaying Depp a lot, I would suggest just getting the actual glasses. That will make your cosplay extremely accurate and the glasses will last you longer since they will be of really good quality.

You're welcome! Depp is tall, he's 5'10". Whereas I am only 5'3" >.< How tall are you?
Ugh its so annoying! I wanna be taller and resemble him more!

It's a pirate's life for me! Savvy?

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