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My Little Pony: FiM Cosplay Gathering

Well, a lot of my friends I know and others say they are going to cosplay from MLP for ALA, and I didn't see a thread, so I decided to make one. I hope everyone doesn't mind the gathering on Day 1, because Day 2 is really busy for me, but if not many can do Day 1, I'll try to put it Day 2 and see what I can do. I am also looking for two volunteers to help me with the gathering, if possible. Anywhooves, LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!



Location: Pool Deck
Day: Day 1
Time: 2pm

Mane 6:
Twilight Sparkle- ScarletRhapsody's friend, Thia Fayne, Deathkiki(war), XgalEvey, taco_grell's friend, Fujikawaii10346?, Daedreth
Applejack- StarAssassin's friend, livengood? , versatilescarf, NyuNyu
Pinkie Pie- Friend?, RikuKitty, moonkistforlife, RadaVonVon?, taco_grell, ten10_chan?, DanniMichele's friend
Rainbow Dash- StarAssassin, ScribblesReborn, Tsurugi_Odoriko, ScarletRhapsody's friend, Piggynukka's friend, Red_Heat, taco_grell's friend?, DanniMichele
Rarity- TrinityMonkey(Genderbent), ScarletRhapsody, Tuzi, sucrose2071?, Piggynukka's friend, XgalEvey's friend, RadaVonVon's friend?,taco_grell's friend, DanniMichele's friend
Fluttershy- StarAssassin's friend, crimson001?, anahto, Piggynukka, taco_grell's friend?

Supporting characters:
Spike the Dragon- Kawaiimo
Princess Celestia- sony91's friend
Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon- livengood?, sukimba, sony91

Apple Family:
Big Macintosh- StarAssassin's boyfriend, mangaturtle
Granny Smith-

Cutie Mark Crusaders:
Scootaloo- Lallafa's friends
Sweetie Belle- Lallafa's friends
Apple Bloom- Portal Jumper?, PrincessFrani, Lallafa
Cutie Mark Crusader Creature Catcher Creature - AJisEverywhere

The Wonderbolts:
Soarin- Tsurugi_Odoriko's boyfriend

Other characters
Gilda- Friend?
Prince Blueblood-
Royal Guard-
Derpy Hooves- Reaver
DJ Pon3- Reverse Trap
Photo Finish- Portal Jumper
Doctor Hooves- petersrin
Discord- StarAssassin's friend
Bon Bon - Squid-and-Soda
Heartstrings/Lyra - Squid-and-Soda's friend
Octavia - Toreadork
OC Echo the Wonderbolt - Fujikawaii10346?

Note: I mostly listed the characters that were to be most likely cosplayed, if you're cosplaying a character not on this list, let me know and I'll put you down
Cosplays for Anime Expo 2013
Taichi Yagami (Digimon: Adventure)
Rancis Fluggerbutter (Wreck-it Ralph/Sugar Rush)
Trickster!Jake (Homestuck)
Armin Arlelt (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan)
Young Link (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina/Majora)

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