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Originally Posted by Bulletearsfall View Post
So taking that into consideration, what do you think is my best course of action? I've been looking in thrift stores for the shirt and have come close but not on point like I'd like. I found an aqua-ish half zip at one of the shops and was about to get it but I'm not sure as to how I'd get the black on the sides. Do you think sharpie would do the trick or would I have to work with some fabric?
Personally, I'd use a heat-settable fabric marker rather than sharpie; less chance of it running (though I'd still test a little somewhere inconspicuous first). If your fabric has a fairly smooth surface, you could try fabric paint -- it generally looks cleaner than colouring over that size of an area. Paint if you can, marker if you can't and really don't want to try fabric; if you do graft or overlay fabric, get something with equivalent stretch.
(Dye isn't really a good option in that sort of situation, IMO. Just sayin', given the thread we're in. XD )
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