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Costume/Wig Site Review:

Hello! First time giving a review I'm rather pleased with my purchase!

Name of Product: Cosplay White Long Wig

Where Purchased: Hello Cosplay

Product Description: 40 inch long -silver-white- wig. Looks exactly like photo.

Pros: Well first off- I have never received a package so quickly from china~! It was about less then a week (Possibly 3 days, I ordered it on a friday XD)
It was rather comfy fit, I didn't need the straps used to make it smaller (I might also just have a big head lol) The fibers are very soft and rather durable! (What I would expect from Kanekalon) Using flash doesn't kill it either. I also like that the top parting has skin silicone. OH! and it came with a free headcap

Cons: None for me really.

Overall Rating: 10
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