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Originally Posted by SailorSetsuna View Post
OK... I am at a loss.. I am new at sewing and 2 years into cosplaying.. I have been working on and off a Sailor Pluto fuku for awhile now.. I bought some bows off ebay because I just couldnt get them right... well, neither could they.. I LOVE the shape of the bows so much I dont want to destroy them afraid I may not put them back together correctly but, they are the wrong color. Not by much though. They are maroon but bright maroon and Sailor Pluto is a dark maroon almost brown. They are satin I believe. Is there a hope of dying them or am I stuck with the color? Picture attached. Thanks
What I would do is go to your local fabric store and get the same color fabric as your bows. Don't get yards and yards, maybe 12 foot and find some fabric dye, that takes satin fabrics, and determine the color(s) that would give you the result you want. Once that happens, use that 12 foot of color satin fabric and do some swatch tests.

You may have to add very little or alot of dye to your fabric mixture, depending on how dark you want it. Good luck to ya
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