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Name of Commissioner: Cosplay FU
Website/ www . cosplay fu . com / product/Yuni+Cosplay+from+Katekyo+Hitman+Reborn
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Uni from hitman reborn. Full costume excluding boots and pacifier
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: 0_n.jpg

The picture is AFTER I altered the scarf/cape to make it shorter. I made the belt myself. I sewed on a string to the hat to make it stay on my head. Boots are my own.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): i ordered around late august and received it mid september.
Describe your Experience.
First time ordering a costume, and of course I was nervous. I went with cosplay FU because of my inadequate funds... the site had a deal for 90 meanwhile other sites were charging easily 300+... yeah. The post office actually MISSHIPPED my costume when it was supposed to come.. of course not cosplay FU's fault, but it still shook me a bit.
The costume looks exactly like the picture (they had another picture before...I am almost sure they are using a picture of the costume I ordered now). Quality is okay for the price. Not top notch, I mean I see threads loose here and there but it's something I can fix myself.

The top's shoulders and sleeves are the perfect size for me (I actually rounded up when measuring myself).
They made the waist larger than I expected, so there's a gap between my chest and the top. Not a big deal though, and not very noticeable. I was extremely afraid that the shorts would not fit.. I was SUPER lucky to find that they fit EXACTLY. Exactly as in tight to my skin. It feels a little tight, but I can still sit and walk around in it. I suggest you bump up your hip size a bit, or measure where your (excuse the language) crotch is, instead of your actual hip.

The cape and scarf are a lot longer than it should be. However it's nothing that a little mending by a sewing machine can't fix. Also, the hat isn't very durable on my head. It slides off easily by a simple move of my head. I can fix this as well by sewing a string to it to tie under my chin. But yeah.

Costume lacks detail. The symbol on the cap should be to the side but it's in the middle. The scarf should be pointed but it's squared. The shoulder pads don't have the detail they would have in the real thing.

The costume really isn't that great with accuracy.. but for what I paid for, it was an amazing deal, considering I altered it myself and saved 200+ dollars.

Final Grade: B

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