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I'm trying to dye a white unitard for my Dark Phoenix costume.

Long story short: I bought some iDye in Crimson and dyed it, and it came out pink. So then I bought some Dylon in Tulip Red and it just turned even more pink. I realised that it's because it's a polycotton mix, so I need to go out and buy some iDye Poly in Red to fix the mistake.

The question I have is: should I use a colour remover to get it back to a whiteish colour before I try dyeing it again? Right now it's a sort of medium fuschia colour. I'm worried it'll still come out pinkish if I try to dye it again even with poly dye.

So should I just go ahead and dye it or should I colour remove it first? Any help would be much appreciated <3.

Ok, I just went ahead an dyed it. Messed it up the first go, put the wash cycle on "delicate" instead of regular so it didn't set properly, but now I'm going to leave it for a while and stir it by hand to see if that works better for the second go.

It's still pink. Thinking about just colour removing it, because it's clearly not working .

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