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Originally Posted by SailorSetsuna View Post
OK... I am at a loss.. I am new at sewing and 2 years into cosplaying.. I have been working on and off a Sailor Pluto fuku for awhile now.. I bought some bows off ebay because I just couldnt get them right... well, neither could they.. I LOVE the shape of the bows so much I dont want to destroy them afraid I may not put them back together correctly but, they are the wrong color. Not by much though. They are maroon but bright maroon and Sailor Pluto is a dark maroon almost brown. They are satin I believe. Is there a hope of dying them or am I stuck with the color? Picture attached. Thanks
Most costume satins are polyester, so it's hard to tell what will and will not work as a general rule because poly is cranky when it comes to dye. Also to consider is what else is in those bows -- are they interfaced, wired, glued, etc.? If you've got any extra, you could try test-dyeing it in a relatively poly-friendly dye (iDye Poly, RIT, Dylon), but there are no guarantees of it taking with polyester. If you do get dye to take, though, you should be able to tint the existing colour -- possibly with a black-brown dyebath. I've overdyed things more than once to adjust a colour I wasn't happy with, but again, poly is cantankerous.

Originally Posted by Zhiana View Post
I'm trying to dye a white unitard for my Dark Phoenix costume.
Long story short: I bought some iDye in Crimson and dyed it, and it came out pink. So then I bought some Dylon in Tulip Red and it just turned even more pink. I realised that it's because it's a polycotton mix, so I need to go out and buy some iDye Poly in Red to fix the mistake.
The question I have is: should I use a colour remover to get it back to a whiteish colour before I try dyeing it again? Right now it's a sort of medium fuschia colour. I'm worried it'll still come out pinkish if I try to dye it again even with poly dye.
So should I just go ahead and dye it or should I colour remove it first? Any help would be much appreciated <3.
You've got two potential problems, as I see it -- one, you're working with something that's partially polyester, and two, you're working with red dye, which is prone to washing out if you look at it wrong. I'm not really sure what advice to offer, especially since you say it seems to not be working; you could try to counterbalance the pink tones by adding a bit of yellow or green to shift it back towards red, but it sounds like the odds are against you getting the shade you want. If you're going to redye, I'd definitely try discharging before doing it ... but you might be better off looking for something already red, or something more readily dyeable. :S Either way, good luck!
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