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Originally Posted by Winters_Cosplay View Post
Hello I'm new to the Steampunk world, have always been fascinated with the designs created for their outfits. I need a little help with organizing an outfit for a steampunk Halloween ball I've been invited to and i wish not to offend any of the true fans. I'm trying to keep simple not to expensive and keeping to my tastes. I enjoy the fairy steampunk theme very much. Anybody have suggestions on particular clothing to wear or maybe a website or store i could visit to help this costume come to life. thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope somebody can help me out.
The though of fairy steampunk sounds interesting. You could maybe make some small wings with brass or some other type of metal tubing and then cover them with a sheer fabric.

Now, if it's a ball, I would say go with something like a bustle gown. It doesn't have to be historically accurate. You could make a skirt that you can put a petticoat under and make a bustle pillow (they are pretty easy) and then you could maybe make a drape and bustle overlay. As for the top, you could go with something off the shoulders and have it trimmed in lace. And gloves. I always suggest gloves when someone wants to do a formal steampunk costume. They always add to the elegance of the outfit.

That's just some starter ideas. I'm sure people who do more steampunk than I do can give you more. I love it, but don't do it on a regular basis like some people do.
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