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Name of Commissioner: ChaosRose/Kiki

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Partial Costume, vest/shrug piece.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (see attached pictures to see what I recieved)

Timeline (how long your order took to process): May to Today (September 19th)

Describe your Experience: When I went into agreement with her about making the piece she seemed up for the challenge of it. The price of it wasn't bad at all either (she wasn't making the armor pieces on the back). She kept me up to date on everything including when she was going to start it. Promised it to me by August once she finished her other commissions I was okay with this since it would also allow time for the armor to be painted. As August came she told me that she would start the project once she got her pay check leading me to believe that she spent my deposit on something that wasn't my commission.

I let this slide, soon she sent me pictures of the base and it is a nice piece for the base. That was until she covered in in fabric paint for the details. When she told me she was doing this I cringed at the thought of it, I know fabric paint can look decent on some fabrics but not on a pleather type material. I asked her if she could just do it in fabric. She told me the color didn't match the picture but I could just paint over it if I didn't like it and that she would be sending it off. Shortly after that email it came with not so much as a photo to show me what it looked like. I see why now, the paint looks terrible on it, there are spot where she dripped it at on various places. Plus she drew some random design on the back where the armor detailing is suppose to go. There are some fabric spots back there but she just did something. If I saw this in the photo updated I would have told her no. The strap piece that goes under my bust snap is to far on the inside of the jacket like she randomly placed it somewhere. I'm going to have to remove it and put it back on which will leave holes in the fabric. It could have been a beautiful piece if she paid more attention to the reference picture and didn't coat the base in fabric paint. I don't know if she was stressed out from her other commissions or just wanting to finish in a hurry but con is two weeks away and I have to do something with is to try and fix it when I can't so much as look at it.

Pros: Answers promptly, informative, Does progress photos

Cons: Didn't send progress photos of finished product.

Final Grade: C- (I would go for a D but she did have great communication just hope her other commissionees had more luck)
In progress:

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