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I stopped doing commissions for many reasons, and this is one of them.

Well, this and the fact that commissionees often don't want to pay the second half of the money in order to get the costumes they commissioned (I always did half up-front because I didn't want to start on something and have no money for supplies... but you know what? Often I would never charge the second half or only charge part of it because the commissionee would refuse to pay the rest, and I wanted the costume off my hands.)

The issue, oftentimes, is that a commissioner thinks he/she will have more time than he/she has and waits until the last minute. You'll probably see that they do the same thing with their own costumes. I was like that for a couple of years though I generally did my commissions far in advance and my own costumes the night before... meaning that my own costumes were horrible while my commissions were passable. One night, I stayed up all night to finish my own costume because I had been doing commissions for half the people in my college anime club. That's when I decided I would never do commissions again. I wanted... a life, I guess? And I also didn't want to be responsible for every time something dire came up and kept me from finishing a project for someone else.

Anyway, the point is that most people who do commissions really shouldn't. Most of them are under-selling their time and not budgeting their time well so that they can finish both projects for themselves and for others. If any of you who don't yet make your own costumes ever start making costumes, think long and hard before you start taking commissions. Think about how many hours you will put into each commission, and price it so that you get more than you would at your normal job per hour. Remember that if you start doing commissions on top of a full-time job and hobbies and a social life, that you will end up exactly like the commissioner being discussed in the OP.
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