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Originally Posted by .PapercutSenvy. View Post
Looks good to me. o: I've never used cosplay fu before (since, by the time I can afford their outfits, I'd rather save up for the best quality cause I'm a stickler for that) but I've seen and heard nothing but good things. I say go for it~ ^^

What has happened.
I am now obsessed with cosplaying fem Alois.
How...what...o; I used to barely like it at all! I waaaaant it though. *~* But for to not wear my newly styled Alois wig. Darn you family, being home. D;
Well I like quality to but shipping is a pain in my rear and I'm not sure I can trust the other sites >.> Ebay is my love but I just don't know if I can trust the ones I find...

Lol yay fem!Alois~? and wear it anyway? My parents witnessed me randomly doing my hw in my wigs before...
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