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Slap Up Party! Arad Senki (anime)
Baron - light, male

The World Ends With You (game)
Sho Minamimoto - light, male
Sota Honjo and Nao - medium, Sota - male, Nao - female

Final Fantasy II (game)
Minwu - medium, male

Final Fantasy V (game)
Galuf - light, male

Final Fantasy VIII (game)
Kiros - dark, male

Final Fantasy X (game)
Gatta - light, male
Maroda - dark, male
Rin - medium, male
Jecht - light, male

Final Fantasy XI (game)
Shantotto - light, female

Final Fantasy XIII (game)
Sazh Katzroy - dark, male
Dajh Katzroy - dark, male
Gadot - light, male
Yuj - light, male

Kingdom Hearts (game)
Master Xehanort - light, male
Terra - light, male
Conventions I am attending:
Aki Con '11
GeekGirlCon '11

Cosplay queue:
Tooru [A-Channel] - 90%
Cosmos (original design: warrior) [Dissidia: Final Fantasy]
Flygon (gijinka) [Pokemon]

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