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Name of Commissioner: CosplayMagic
Commissioned item: Blair cosplay.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: N/A, will post some as soon as wig arrives, which should be later this week.
Timeline: Ordered it late on September 24th around 10PM, arrived today on September 27th at around 3PM. Fastest shipping EVER!
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
Pros: Oh my gosh, where do I begin!
First, the shipping. Never before have I experienced such shipping. Less than three days to come to my door all the way from China, AND it was free to ship! Now that's service.
The costume looks exactly like the picture, which is always great. The sizing was accurate as well. I was surprisingly in between a XS and S size, which is a HUGE shocker (and also a bit of a confidence boost!). I ended up going with the Small, and it fit pretty well. I still had some room in it, which was nice. It also meant that there measurements are accurate, another big plus for them.
The part that really blew me away was the hat. Oh my god, this hat is simply amazing. It looks exactly like Blair's hat an the one in the picture. I was worried that the hat was going to come bent, due to the curling wire in Blair's hat. But it was nice and sealed, and the hat popped right up into the proper shape, no damage to the wire at all. And it's a comfortable hat as well. It stretches to accomodate different head sizes, which is good for me since I have a slightly larger head and will be wearing a wig over it, making my head even bigger. But I should have no problem putting the hat over the wig.
Quality is astounding as well, it is a very soft material and it feels nice to wear, not itchy or irritating at all.

Cons: I really have none. The only one I can probably think of is that it is a very high zipper and I need someone to zip it up for me since I can't reach it once it gets to the middle xD. But that is a trivial detail, and the costume is just absolutely perfect, one of my favorites by far.
I will definitely buy from CosplayMagic again in the future!
Final Grade: A+++++
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