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*crawls out of the woodwork to peek into this thread for some haaalp*

Specifically, so I do not kill my friend. >_____>

So, working on 7 Zhou Yu! *dances* I decided to edge away from doing Sun Ce, but my friend practically begged me, and now that I work at a fabric store, I really have no excuse >> But anyway, I am doing fairly well considering timing and all that. It needs to be done by the first weekend of November, and I have two jobs to juggle! *is going to be very busy this Thursday*

And I am glad to see everyone is excited and doing some cool work! *glances at Mel* I knew you couldn't resist Ma Chao. I just kneeeew it xD Not that I care, I love looking at your stuff and swooning <333 *hugs*

Well, if anyone has advice to toss out, I will gladly take it, and when I manage to finish this costume I will post TONS of pics 8D
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