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JDscosplay review

Name of Commissioner: JDcosplay
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: She-Hulk (body suit only)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): From the first e-mail to me receiving my cosplay in the mail, it took ~5 weeks.

Pros: I sent a request to JDscosplay and received a quote within a few hours. It was ~$200 for just the bodysuit, which I first thought was a little expensive... but then I saw the quality of the cosplay's he's made and he was one of the very few commissioners who had experience making bodysuits NOT out of spandex (i hate spandex), so it became reasonable.

I sent my payment 3 days later. He sent me pictures of my finished cosplay three weeks later. I sent my remaining balance 2 days after that and I got my cosplay in the mail two weeks after that. It was very fast shipping considering it was from China.

Considering the short timespan and how thorough he appeared to be, I trusted his work and didn't have much reason to continuously communicate with him. But when we did, JDs was very polite and professional.

Cons: These are just minor things. The measurements were just slightly off. The bodysuit was a little to short for my tallish frame and just slightly baggy in the back, but it's really nothing too noticeable. I'm just a little OCD and prissy, but I still think it looks great on me.

He e-mailed me during the process and asked if I wanted the zippers on the side or the back. I requested the back and he told me that "if i can put zippers on the side, i will do that instead, but if not, then i will stick to the back." so im like... ooookay? maybe he misunderstood, whatever. the side is O.K., too. But when I got the pictures, the zipper was on the front. When I asked about it, he explained that there was already a thick seam on the front that would've been more appropriate for the zipper rather than making another seam on the back. I totally agreed after I saw the end-result (after all, my goal was just to hide the zipper as much as possible), but I still think that making direct changes against a buyer's request should be brought up to the buyer before actually going through with it. just in case they have different reasoning for their request.

Final Grade: A-. I definitely recommend JDscosplay if you are looking for fast, reliable, and quality cosplay service. And I'll definitely be back for my next cosplay!
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