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Right now I'm working on my Hunter cosplay I have mostly everything, except, well... the actual outfit. All I really need is the hoodie and the pants, and preferably some claws. But, it's mostly finished besides that ^^;

What sucks is that I still have my braces, which I'm not getting off until early November, and I wanted to wear this costume for Halloween. I'm going to a con in late November though, so I guess I can wait until then to put up pictures of the costume, since a Hunter cosplay probably doesn't go well with braces. But besides that I think I'm fine.

Anyway, does anyone have any tips on cosplaying a Hunter? Like, how to pose and such. I've been playing the game non-stop lately so I have an idea on how to do so, but I'd still like advice from other people as well. Much obliged ^^
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