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My little cousins came over to be baby sat a while ago and saw me working on my Rarity costume, they asked if they could play ponies too. Now there's a chance they're coming to a con with me for a few hours as The Cutie Mark Crusaders if their mom has time to drive them there and back.

I've also had kids ask me if I was Sleeping Beauty when I was dressed as Jaina Proudmoore...I guess it's the blonde hair and the dress since these ones were very little. I didn't want to come off mean so I went with the 'sure, why not?' route and nodded.

Then one time I went to the mall during Otakon as Harley Quinn with my friends as Cat Woman and Poison Ivy. These women a bit older than us (so mid-late twenties) with toddlers said 'Aww! Batman girls! Kids, go take a picture with The Joker's girlfriend!' The little kids were terrified except for one so their moms just took pictures of my group and the one little girl.
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