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The ones I remember most are when I'm cosplaying Lucy from Elfen Lied.

I was having dinner and I noticed a little girl pointing at me saying "kitty." The horns are often mistaken for cat ears even by adults. I don't think she could see much of my cosplay from her angle though.

Since I put a lot blood splatter for this costume I've had a few kids take a step back and say "blood" in a scared tone. I usually don't respond to these as I don't want to scare them more.

Another one that just makes me laugh. The con was held at a hotel near Royals stadium and the Red Sox were playing them the same weekend. So a lot of Red Sox fans were staying there. While I was cosplaying Jessica I need to get something from my car. At this point the baseball fans are heading inside. A kid who I think was about 10 noticed my fangs and side-stepped to hide behind his mom. It's like he thought I was a real vampire. Honestly, a kid that age should know vampires aren't real.
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