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Originally Posted by kiratsukai View Post
Yesterday a little boy tried on a Batman costume and ran around the store for 20 minutes showing EVERYONE that he was Batman. When his mom lost him, we paged him to the front, "Will Batman please come to the front desk?"

His reaction was pretty adorable

All kids are cosplayers at heart.
Lol that's pretty cool. He's lucky you guys were tolerant of kids running through the stores. The costume stores I have been to are very uptight about stuff, and sometimes don't even let customers try on costumes.
But yea I agree that kids are cosplayers at heart. Dress up is very similar to cosplaying, it's just that cosplaying is like a much more involved version of dress up. I remember having those princess gowns from the Disney store as a child, and even being like "this isn't what it looks like in the show, looks nothing like this". Of course when I said that my mom just ignored it, but it just show sthat I was picky with accuracy when I was little.

I don't really have any cute kid reactions to share, given the nature of who I cosplay. But at NYCC last year this mother saw me and was like "oh look Johnny Depp! Go take a pic with them" and she had her kid stand in front of me while she took a picture. it was very weird. I don't think she quite knew who I was.

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