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Homemade Wig Detangler Spray

Hey guys, I made a tutorial a while ago and have not had a chance to share it. This one shows you how you can make your own wig detangler spray using household stuff most of us have lying around. It is cheap and pleasant-smelling, no ventilation systems or working outside required. The only items you need are a spray bottle, lotion (scented or otherwise), water, your wig, and a wig comb/brush (whichever you use).

I mostly use it on long straight wigs, but TifaIA (who is also on the forums here) reported that it works on curly wigs as well without wrecking the style.


Feel free to leave comments/questions/etc here. Feedback is always appreciated!

Housekeeping note: Mods, I cannot submit anything to the user-submitted tutorials subforum (I get an insufficient rights error) so move this whenever. I would appreciate it if I could get rights to post there as I have other things I would like to share! Thanks.
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