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Originally Posted by candly View Post
I agree with looking at the official stuff n' all that jazz everyone says. CX Sometimes it makes a really epic photo.
Personally though, that pose you have there is just fine for the character! Let me put a little input of what I think would help.

-The knife. It's facing straight toward the camera. Try holding it sideways or slightly upward to show it off. Bigger is always better! Own that knife, bro! You're a mad, mad killer and that knife is yo' best friend! XD

-Your other arm. It's behind your back or on your hip, right? Well, to make the pose more dynamic, do something with it. Hold it up a la fencing pose if you want to brandish that knife about, as an idea. Or maybe stroke that barber's blade lovingly! Whatever you feel fits with a character, really. Just try and not have an appendage disappear.

-Last but not least, your expression. Now, I don't know much of Sweeney Todd. But what I've seen of him in trailers and posters and online, he seems to have a small range of emotion and that's tough to work with. For a photo, sometimes that doesn't come across well. There's a fine line between emotionless and dazed, eh? So choose an expression and don't be afraid to be bold and overdo it just a tad! Maybe a maniacal grin or a smug smirk. Again, you know the character far more than I. What do you think fits him well?

There's my two cents! I hope I helped (and I hope I made sense. XP)
Your suggestions are awesome! xD
I lol'ed at what you said about my razors "own that knife bro!"
Yea alright, I will then. I will probably try your suggestions, I will also look at other cosplayers of Sweeney Todd and see what they do.
Yea, my other arm is always such a problem. I never know what to do with it, sometimes it looks like it got amputated o___o so I gotta do something with it to avoid that. lol yay for awkward posing

As for the expression, that is what I have the hardest time with... because I literally have no range of expressions. My facial muscles don't do what they should do i guess, and also the size of my eyes does not help anything at all. So facial expressions are totally what contributes to my fail-ness. if I could, I would try to get more of an angered/annoyed look I guess, since that seems to work best. I wish I could get the intensity that some of these cosplayers get, like this person. That is what I need. But can't get. So annoying!!!

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