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For those who are browsing this semi-dead thread, I recommend looking for people on LJ who are organizing group purchases, if the shipping's cheaper for a certainamount of items, like it is for Anna House.
Also, buy items that can be used a lot, and go well together, so it pays back the price for how often you wear it. You probably won't find a skirt to match a long sleeve rainbow sparkly shirt.
If you can, find a blouse with detachable sleeves. I think you can guess why.
Tights are perfectly fine, you don't have to have millions of knee length socks at all.
With shoes, you can find loliable shoes in all sorts of shoe stores, so unless there's a specific pair you love, you might want to lolify your own.
You won't be able to buy everything you want, no matter how much you have. Prioritize, and buy a few outfits you absolutely love, and would wear often, rather than a bunch of clothes you don't care about.

Woah, that was longer than I thought I'd make it. Hope it helps a little, at least. There's a lot of information already about this, though.
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