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Originally Posted by Scorpion_Lady View Post
I have never used Bondo before, and am somewhat hesitant to trying to use it, as I don't have a garage. Does anyone have any suggestions to something that might work as well as Bondo, but is more user friendly?
I don't like pissing away a lot of money on a cosplay unless it could generate income, so cheaper is better for me. Fiberglass resin kits (Bondo) will cost >$25 each, so a cheaper option would be great if anyone knows of one (besides clay.... that can crack, especially if packed tightly in a bag).
I'm gonna be making a gundam using eva foam sheets (and mats) and a covering layer of Daytona Vinyl. All based on the concept used by Goldy:
The issue is whether foam sheets can adhere to cardboard (FW's helmet) well. I pray hot-glue will due the trick. If not, then plz someone direct me to a material or adhesive that can handle a little punishment.
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