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Seeing that my husband and I have been dressing up together for quite some time, we've had a bunch of ideas pop up. Sorry in advance for any duplicates..I went by what was here, not what was on the Google doc.

I've tried to note relationships that are specifically non-romantic. Anything not noted is either known romantic canon relationships, or implied interest in one way or the other, or maybe both..but may not be as apparent. I list off ones that come off of the top of my head, and I am probably missing stuff.

Rose of Versailles:
Oscar and Andre
Marie and Fersen
Oscar and Fersen

Vampire Hunter D (both movies)
Meier and Charlotte
D and Doris (implied/onesided on Doris' part)

Le Chevalier D'Eon
Lia and Durand (implied/onesided on Durand's part)
Lia and Maximillien
D'Eon and Lia (Siblings)

Captain Harlock/Matsumoto Series related
Harlock and Emeraldas (Friends)
Harlock and Miime (Good buddies, but some implied onesided interest on Miime's part)
Emeraldas and Tochiro (granted, one party may have to be really short for this one!)

Fist of the North Star
Kenshiro and Yuria
Rei and Mamiya
Toki and ? (this comes up in a side story, I forgot the name of the girl, and it's mostly onesided on the girl's part)
Raoh and ? (another one that is a side story, same problems as Toki and ?)
Shin and Yuria (onesided on Shin's part
Mamiya and Juuda (very NOT romantic, unless you count a one-sided Juuda)

I am so trying to remember others right now. I think all of this stuff has minor characters that I'm forgetting
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