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hehe Teru's costumes are so popular
despite cosplaying Teru a couple times in the past, I'm planning to switch my usual and opt for Kamijo. that red and gold coat is absolutely beeautiful that, and I recently bought myself some vampire fangs and i need more of an excuse to wear em xp

I'm excited to see everyones costumes :3
~Planned/In Progress~
Anime Boston 2012
~Cain (Starfighter) fighter suit
~Kamijo (Versailles) HOLY GRAIL ver.

Past Cosplay
Anime Boston11
~Teru (Versailles) NOBLE ver.
~Jin (Nega) idle ver.

Anime Boston10
~Teru (Versailles) NOBLE ver. (re-done)
~Gackt Vanilla ver.
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