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Originally Posted by dragunov23 View Post
lol, why?
Well, my sewing skills are lacking because this is a bit of a rush job, but I just don't like them anymore. xD

Originally Posted by Melanie View Post
I love them! XD They look like the simplest sleeves he's ever had... am I looking at them wrong, though? ^_^;; Yell out if you need help!
I think I am blaming the fact that as I was ironing on the itty bitty details and lost some of them, had to cut them out again, and as I put up the ironing board, THEY APPEARED OUT OF THIN AIR.

All in all, I will like them more when they are on the costume and not on the table. *works on the pants* Soooo close to being done... Just that red thing on the knee... *shudders*
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