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Originally Posted by bobsusedgimmick View Post
Better Off Dead 5/5
The best of the 80's teen comedies and by far my favorite John Cusack movie. To be fair I watched it since it is a favorite of mine so the rating is pretty heavily biased.
that movie was funny! Paperboy : I want my $2!!
almost bought it last week, had not seen it at the store for a while
at Big Lots they had it for $3.

Last movie i watched was
(I Saw The Devil)

Really good movie, Acting was good,Action was good,violence was good, Story was good!
Ending was Awesome! there is a lot of Cursing,Some Nudity,Violence,Blood,Gore, The movie runs at 2 Half hours, feels like a 3-3 half hour movie though, just at times it gets a little slow.
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