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I need help in making a Hollow Ichigo Bankai Costume

I don't need it for this Halloween, as I plan on attending next year's Comic-Con in San Diego, so not exactly a rush but I would like to have most of what I need long before the time comes. I have already purchased a wooden Tensa Zangetsu that I will simple paint the black white, paint the red black, and relace the black with white. The wig is also easy enough to find. I already have a company that will make Ichigo's Hollow Contacts that cover the Sclera to my measurements. White Face and Body paint is also not an issue.

The only problem I seem to be having is finding a Cosplay costume authentic enough for Ichigo's Hollow in Bankai form. Everything I find already made is Non-Bankai form or just not quite authentic enough.

I do not mind sewing it myself but I've yet to find a pattern. I require the white Hakama (pants), and the White overcoat that splits near the sternum down to ankles and the cloak like back of the overcoat that comes to multiple shredded points. A simple black lining around the neck and from the split to the bottom. I can also sew in some black on the inside of the cuffs to avoid needing a black top underneath.(The small area of black directly under the split can easily be handled with a sash or something) I also need the black obi (not a difficult part) and I require to sew in a black lining along the inside of the cloak part of the overcoat.

All of that SHOULD complete the look, but I can't seem to find any patterns to help me get started. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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