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There may already be someone who has asked this, but again, I can't go through 40 pages of stuff when I have class in 30 min. XD I am doing my first-yes, I am popping my cosplay cherry!-cosplay. I've chosen Undertaker from Black Butler. Picture here:

Now it's coming out beautifully, I only have to make the hat now, finished with everything else. I have a fantastic wig, not a cheapo one. It is here:

Now obviously the bangs are not styled automatically. The braids are done, but not the flippy out bangs lol. I have never worked with wigs before, but after reading a few pages of this thread I have basically figured out-no gel, no straighteners. What can I use? Somehow it doesn't seem like hairspray would do the job properly. And if it did, seems like it would have to be all sticky and stiff with the amount I'd have to use. I'll be putting the hat on top of it as well, for the bangs to sort of poof out underneath the hat.

Any help for a newbie would be lovely.
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