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Name of Merchant: Charissa Wigs
Item purchased (please include quantity): Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Grell Sutcliffe wig x1
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Sebastian Michaelis Wig x1

Links to picture(s) of your received item(N/a at this time. I'll upload them later)

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
I ordered the Grell Stucliff wig on Oct. 07, 2011 and got it October 15, 2011.
The Sebastian Michaelis wig was bought on October 8, 2011 and received on October 19, 2011.

Describe your Experience.
Grell Stucliffe Wig
Pros: Extremely soft. The color was a deep crimson red and it came slightly styled since some parts of the hair was sticking up here and there. Its about 40" (about 100 cm) but they seem to forget to mention that in their description. It tangles very easily but nothing that a comb cannot fix. The bangs already came cut so all that seems to be needed is to style it to your liking. The bangs are very thick, something that I was afraid of them not being and the back comes in cut like a V shape at the ends. The bangs have a lot of layers and it totally blew my mind since it was the first wig that I ever bought. Over all I have so problems with the wig itself.

Sebastian Michaelis Wig
Pros: The right deep black color that was shown in the photo. It is layered the right way and all you have to do is style it to your liking.

Grell Sutcliff wig: I have utterly no complaints! <3

Sebastian Michaelis Wig:
I was a bit disappointed with this wig. The fibers were rougher than the Grell wig, and it was not as soft. It kind of felt like a Halloween/Party City like wig. It had some pieces of hair sticking straight up and it felt like glue, and no matter what I seem to do, they won't smooth down. In the photo these pieces of hair look to be longer yet on my wig they are just small tufts of hair. (I know that the styling is entirely up to me, but according to the website it says that I should take the photo shown as the standard. By that I thought it meant to have similar layers.) It was difficult to actually find the front of the wig since it had no tag. And the wig is NOT as thick as I previously thought. You cannot see the wefts (since the wig wefts are the same color as the wig) but its not thick yet its not thin.

Also I sent an email to Charissa telling them that I bought 2 wigs and I was told that I would get my wig comb even though I did not buy both wigs at the same time, however the promised comb was never received. At least I got my shipping refund.

Final Grade: A-/B+
Considering that this was the first time that I ever bought from Ebay and the first time I bought a wig, I guess my experience is tolerable. Their prices change frequently (like every other week) so sometimes you might get a good deal on their wigs. The seller was very nice to answer all of my questions and communication was quick, though on some days it took a day or more to get back to me. (Sometimes I resent my emails in case they did not go through.) It really got slow after the wigs were shipped.
If I ever decide to buy another wig, I might buy from them again.