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just ... gonna add to arda's rep. o uo

Name of Commissioner : Arda Wigs
Website/ gallery : Arda
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) : Well, only one of the wigs were for a character. I bought one Ferrari (Mako Green), one Hansel (Dark Ash Blonde), and Short Bangs (Dark Ash Blonde). The Ferrari is for a humanized BMO (Adventure Time)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item : All I have is a crummy webcam. > u> Maybe I'll take some later.
Timeline (how long your order took to process) : I ordered the Ferrari and Short Bangs on Monday [the 17th], the Hansel on Tuesday [the 18th]. They were both said to be shipped on Tuesday [the 19th], and got here today [the 21st]. So the shipping itself took 2 days, and the whole process took four. That's actually pretty sweet.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. : It was my birthday. So, my parents let me order from Arda as my first-time wig store. > U< I didn't have to/I didn't have the nerve to contact them. I'm extremely glad I didn't need to/my wimpiness wasn't harmful.
So I don't know anything about their customer service. ;;
Pros : (I've only opened the Hansel right now. So I'm reviewing that. I'll probably edit when I open the other envelope.)
Fast shippingggg. [For all of them.]
No shine whatsoever in the fibers.
Lovely color, and it won't look strange with my skin tone.
I've only had one wig before [and it was bought from a costume shop. Decent quality, compared to Arda.] and it was not this easy to manage. Or put on.
So easy to style. I mean, I just muss it up and it can get spikes sticking out. Or
Fun to touch. Ehehehehehehe.
So much fibers! SO MANY.
Maybe I'm just being gentle with this wig or something, but no fibers have fallen or slipped out, yet! The only stray fiber I saw was a yellow one, though there's no yellow in this wig...
editedit I opened up the Ferrari and Short Bangs ! Ferrari is beautiful, really. Curls nicely.
The Short Bangs are really nice. I used those as a test for a flat iron. It's tooootally flat-ironable. C: I'm pretty sure the other wigs are, too.
Cons :
[This is the first time I've ordered a wig, so not really any. just.]
This isn't a complaint, really. Just that in some reviews, they say Arda's really soft. I can vouch for that. But only as much as this kind of fiber will allow. It's a little stiffer than human hair, but with all those pros? I can deal.
Also, my hands feel a little funny after handling and playing with the fibers for while...
The color of the Ferrari is darker than I'd expected and wanted. But whatever, it still will work.
And the Short Bangs are confusing to put on, but I may just be stupid.
this is just my fault but my stupid gogdanged sideburns will not hide no matter how i style this thing
editx2combo So, I've noticed that, in the Ferrari, it's a little thin when you part the bangs down the middle, and the wefting shows. This won't be a problem for me, since I'm doing Saki bangs, but for others, it might.
Final Grade : A+
o uo
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