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Review: Fabric Empire

Read all of the disturbing details or scroll down for summaries (in bold).


I've been trying to deal with Fabric Empire for several weeks now. At first, they were very responsive (I would receive same-day replies), but suddenly, they just disappeared.

I have e-mailed them THREE TIMES and have been waiting TWO WEEKS for a response. They haven't even sent me a quick e-mail saying they were busy and would address my concerns as quickly as possible. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Has anyone else had problems with them? My issue can be fixed in less than 30 seconds, but they refuse to deal with it.

Here's my problem. I was given a combined shipping price for an order. The representative told me to place my order, NOT pay for it, then the invoice would be adjusted and sent back to me with the correct pricing. During the check-out process, it is impossible for me to place my order without paying in full. I replied to the e-mail, stating that I couldn't place the order without paying first, and wanted to be assured that the difference in shipping cost would be refunded back to me afterward.

That's when they stopped replying. I hate to make assumptions, but it's like they're hoping that I'm going to pay in-full anyway and they won't be held responsible for the refund because I don't have it in writing. Are they scamming me or what? It's only like, $10, but still. If they did the same thing to ten people, all of the sudden they have a $100 profit. It's ridiculous.

I will edit this post if they reply to my e-mails and actually address the issue. Otherwise, if this saves a single person from being scammed and prevents them from getting an extra $10 in their pockets, I will be satisfied. Kick up your customer service, Fabric Empire. You're dealing with REAL PEOPLE on the other end of the computer and they aren't just going to disappear like you do.
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