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Originally Posted by Kristeh View Post
Proooobably going as 3am Jade but I will have to confer with my Dave.

Also, locales? The pool area is probably the only place big enough but I heard a rumor that there might be more than one meet. If that's the case, may I suggest the patio area outside the downstairs lobby for any secondary meets. It's unobtrusive and fairly comfortable. I'd just hate to get in the way of all the cosplayers that want to take pictures by the pool.
Originally Posted by Jacaranda View Post
Valve gathering is on Saturday, and I think there's a lot of overlap between the two fandoms. Just something to keep in mind.
Both very good points! Looks like the gathering will be held on Friday, then. There's always room for more mini-meets, as well.

Also, I'd love it if you guys would take a look at the Can Town Project! I stumbled across this project today and I'd absolutely LOVE to have it associated with this meetup. There is apparently a group already together for having one at ALA specifically, but I've yet to find the facebook page, so I contacted the person that sent the ask there.

Off to update the first page then!
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