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Originally Posted by NeikoRae View Post
it looks fabulous! Great job! All that hard work really paid off ^_^ Can't wait to see more pics of you and the costume in action! (and do be carefull with the dagers... that, if they get knocked around they don't end up pulling/stretching/breaking at the mid section)
I wish I had read this earlier - I was getting into my car to go out downtown and one of the knives broke

Luckily I had cast it twice and had the original knife, so I rush-painted everything again, and while it didn't look nearly as good as the original, it did the job for the moment. I'm going to be remaking them with steel wire or an aluminum ruler as a base. I'm also going to be getting some resin dye so I don't have to paint the horn part of the handle, and some sheet brass for the hilt area, I think. Ultimately I'd like to actually try to make the blades out of aluminum, even though that'd probably never be OK to wear to a con or even out around a city.

Originally Posted by DaniiChan View Post
Love it!!!! Came out perfectly =) You best wear that to a con some day! I wanna see it in person!
Oh most definitely. I'm definitely going to be at MAGfest as i'm doing a panel but I don't think it'd be appropriate there. I'm definitely going to Katsucon, and SDCC next year, and of course Otakon, as I live in bmore.

My first time cosplaying last friday was so incredibly rewarding. I figured based off of my experience at lunch on friday barely anyone would recognize the character, but I had more or less the opposite experience. As soon as I walked in to this one bar like half the place blew up around me

This being my first cosplay ever, it was incredibly awesome and rewarding

As such, I've decided to remake a few parts of it so they'll look better and be more durable. Additionally, I realized that his belt is actually supposed to be golden and not chrome :P sooo I'm going to be re-making the medallions, coughing up the money to get them plastichromed, re-making the knives, getting THEM plastichromed, and a variety of other things before putting it on again. I'm also looking forward to having the arakh completed.

Soon, I'll have better quality photos to put online, and I'll also have some more progress pics!
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