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Originally Posted by uruha-fan-girl View Post
Oh yeah, that seems pretty kool^ ^ Good luck. I also think that Matoi from Phantasmagoria would suit you^ ^

Ohh thanks^ ^
I like them, I don't think I have gotten Aoi before, maybe once or twice.. So thats pretty kool
But, I think I'll stick with Teru, since I'll be finally cosplaying him.. But I can't sew so I'm going to get someone to make it for me. Almost saved up enough money!^ ^
But thanks again. I'll come back to these if/when I change my hair once more haha. Since I don't mind Kanon^ ^
ooh...Matoi's hair is pretty awesome...i think i'm gonna stick with Reita...and maybe go to Matoi or maybe some of the others you mentioned when i next change my hair... thanks though...i'll post pictures if it's successful

yeah, i reckon you could really pull off Teru, are you gonna get it coloured like his?
which outfit are you gonna cosplay?
are you gonna post pictures up here when you've cosplayed him?
well good luck with it!!!

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